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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 22727752, Entry date: 03/20/2006

SINAUT MICRO SC Released for Delivery

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The new SINAUT MICRO SC OPC Server and communications manager for the connection of S7-200 PLCs via GPRS mobile radio networks is herewith released for immediate delivery by Siemens A&D PT2.


1. Product description

The SINAUT MICRO system for S7-200 PLCs provides a wireless connection via GPRS (GSM mobile radio). It consists of a SINAUT MD720-3 modem (see entry ID !22727340!) and the specially developed OPC server for GPRS with SINAUT MICRO SC.


The SINAUT MICRO SC software package consists of:

- OPC Server
- Connection manager
- Software block library

·         OPC Server for GPRS connection of up to 256 SIMATIC S7-200 stations to a  control center

·         Continuous bidirectional wireless “online connection“ to the S7-200 PLC via GPRS and Internet

·         GPRS Communication between S7-200 stations by routing function

·         Clearly laid out windows for connection monitoring of the connected GPRS parties

·         Low GPRS mobile telephone charges due to optimized communication with effective message frame layout

·         Encrypted transmission for protection against data manipulation and tapping of data

·         Single license for one installation

·         English and German operator desktop

·         Documentation in English, German and Chinese (under preparation)

·         License for one installation under Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Professional/Server

Connection to a control center and routing between S7-200 stations:

Connection monitoring:


Combination of SINAUT MICRO with SINAUT ST7

SINAUT MICRO and SINAUT ST7 use different protocols for data transmission. However, a combination of a SINAUT MICRO system with a SINAUT ST7 system is possible. It is done on the PC of the control center via the OPC server of SINAUT MICRO SC.




Picture 1: If WinCC is used in the control center           Picture 2: If a non-Siemens system is used in the control center:


 2. Ordering data


Product Name

Order No.

Connection managment to 8 remote stations;

Connection managment to 64 remote stations;

Connection managment to 256 remote stations;




3. Application
·  Design of fault-signalling systems
·  Power-saving concepts for plants, e.g. by condition-dependent speed control of pumps in remote stations
·  Control and monitoring of sewage plants, water purification plants, oil and gas supply lines, district heating networks, energy distribution, pumping stations, vending machines, traffic control systems, buildings, intelligent advertising billboards, meteorological stations,  lighthouses, buoys, as well as wind and solar power generating stations. 
·  Connection of mobile subscribers with centralized monitoring/control of rail vehicles, special vehicles, public transport, complex building machines, inland and coastal ships.

·  Design of cost-effective fault-signalling systems with S7-200 PLCs and WinCCflexible using a GPRS system solution
·  Cost-effective permanent wireless “online“ connection of machines or installations to an OPC-based master station via GPRS
·  Design of GPRS-based closed M2M automation networks with SIMATIC S7-200 and without additional VPN or permanent line contracts with mobile radio service providers
·  Low GPRS running costs due to adjustable cyclic or event-oriented transmission
·  The Internet connection enables a free choice of location for the central control station with the OPC server
·  Protection against data manipulation and tapping of data of the transmission between S7-200 station and the OPC server of SINAUT MICRO SC
·  Quick identification of communication faults with clear connection monitoring of all connected S7-200 stations
·  No elaborate radio system design, thus quick startup with low project costs.


4. Miscellaneous

For more information on the SINAUT MD720-3 modem please see entry ID !22727340!

We will shortly be providing a matching combination of automation components for the creation of applications with the Micro Automation Set 21 (MAE 21): http://www.siemens.de/microset


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