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SIMATIC Version Trail V6.1 Available for Downloading

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SIMATIC Version Trail V6.1 is a software option that enables you to version libraries, projects and multi-projects for SIMATIC PCS 7 engineering. It can be used universally with SIMATIC in the context of Totally Integrated Automation.

When you archive data, SIMATIC Version Trail V6.1 together with SIMATIC Logon, will create a version history with the following information:


Version name,

Date and time,



This version historiy can be displayed or printed out. Individual versions can be unarchived out of the version history and processed further. Here, SIMATIC Logon will organize access protection.

Prerequisites for use:  

SIMATIC Version Trail V6.1 has been released for MS Windows 2000 Professional SP3 and higher, MS Windows XP Professional SP1 and higher and MS Windows Server 2003. Due to its close link with SIMATIC Logon, SIMATIC Version Trail V6.1 can only be used in combination with this  separately available user administration tool. SIMATIC Version Trail V6.1 will work together with SIMATIC Logon V1.2 + SP1 and higher. In addition, you also require either SIMATIC PCS 7 V6.1 + SP1 and higher or SIMATIC S7 STEP 7 5.3 + SP1 and higher.

SIMATIC Version Trail V6.1 will run on PCs and PGs with a microprocessor clock-pulse rate of 600 MHz and higher and a main memory size of 256 Mbyte and more.


Before proceeding with the installation please read the Product Information in the readme file!


Save the download file "VT_V61.zip" in a directory of your choice and then extract it to another freely selectable directory.


From the extracted files select the file "Setup.exe" and start it.


Follow the installation instructions.

SIMATIC Version Trail V6.1 software

VT_V61.zip ( 3350 KB )

Note: For ordering data of the associated software license please see entry ID 22729181, A&D Mall or SIMATIC PCS 7 Catalog ST PCS 7.

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