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Measuring systems with EnDat 2.2 and EnDat 2.1 - compatibility

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Heidenhainwill change over the existing product range of absolute measuring systems step-by-step from EnDat 2.1 to EnDat 2.2. When operating with Siemens drive converters, limitations and constraints must be carefully observed.

The EnDat interface is the bidirectional interface for measuring systems from Heidenhain. EnDat 2.1 is the standard in recent years and allows absolute position values to be transferred. In addition to the digital position values, analog incremental signals are transferred with 1Vpp. These are interpolated in the drive converter for fine resolution.

EnDat 2.2 is supplied by Heidenhein as a compatible replacement for EnDat 2.1.
In general, Siemens drive converters (SINAMICS, SIMODRIVE, MASTERDRIVES) EnDat 2.2 support the functional scope of EnDat 2.1.

With SIMODRIVE, only the "direct measuring system" mode was supported for linear measuring systems.
In the meantime, we have released the following software versions that allow you to operate linear scales with EnDat 2.2 also as a motor measuring system:
SIMODRIVE 611 U: Software release 09.02.04 or later
SIMODRIVE 611 D: Software release 06.08.13 or later; also included in NCK releases NCK 6.5.36 and 7.4.09 

The new EnDat 2.2 feature, i.e. to allow the pure digital transfer of high-resolution position values that have been interpolated already in the encoder, is not supported by SIEMENS drive converters. This is not intended for the future either. The fully digital interface for the connection of measuring systems to SINAMICS is DRIVE-CLiQ.

Over the medium term, Heidenhain will replace the EnDat 2.1-based measuring systems with EnDat 2.2-based measuring systems. In order to guarantee operation with Siemens drive converters, it will be necessary to use the EnDat 2.2 version with incremental signals. This must be identified in the order designation of measuring systems with EnDat 02, refer to the table in the attachment.

EnDat2_1-2_2_76.pdf ( 44 KB )

More detailed information can be taken from the attached excerpt from the following document "Rotary encoders, Status 11/2005" from the Heidenhain company.

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