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What options does the WinCC Project Duplicator provide for creating a redundant server project?

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Configuration Notes:
The WinCC Project Duplicator provides an option for copying a WinCC project or duplicating it as a redundant server project.

When using the PI options "Downtime Monitor" and "Process Monitor", refer to Entry ID: 29034551.

a) Copying a WinCC project using "Save as ..."
Using the "Save as..." button of the WinCC Project Duplicator you copy only the configuration data of the WinCC source project "1:1" into a target directory. The Runtime data of the source project is not copied. If not already available, a new empty Runtime database is created in the copied project. If a Runtime database is already available in the target directory, e.g. because the WinCC project already exists on the redundant server, the existing Runtime database will not be replaced by an empty Runtime database. The WinCC source project must not be active in Runtime nor opened in the WinCC Explorer during the copying procedure. The following holds for the target directory:

  • You need "write access rights".
  • There must be sufficient memory available.


  • It is useful to delete all the "old" project data in the target directory before copying. This prevents project files from being open during the copying procedure. These could not be overwritten by the WinCC Project Duplicator.
  • In more recent versions of Windows "write access rights" is no longer the default setting on network drive releases. You must manually assign the release for "Write".

    Fig. 01

If the "Save as" button of the WinCC Project Duplicator is to be used to generate a redundant server project, after copying you must make the following changes in the WinCC project of the redundant partner server.

No. Procedure
1 Open the WinCC project in the WinCC Explorer
You open the copied WinCC project in the WinCC Explorer.

Since the local computer name and the name of the server in the WinCC computer list do not match immediately after copying, you get an error message: "The configured server is not available. Do you want to open project using the local computer as the server?". Acknowledge the dialog with the "Start server locally" button.

2 Change the computer name
Change the computer name in the computer list. For this you use the "Computer Properties" menu.

Fig. 02

You must then close and reopen the WinCC project to make the change of computer name effective. For this you close the project with "File > Close" and open it again with "File > Recent File >".

3 Changing redundancy settings
Make the changes with respect to redundancy. For this you open the "Redundancy" editor.

Fig. 03
  • You enter the name of the partner server in the "Redundant Partner Server" input field. (After copying the project the local computer name is usually given here).
  • Clear the "Standard Master" check box, because there must never be two "Standard Masters".

Quit the "Redundancy" dialog by clicking on the "OK" button.

4 Activate Runtime
Now you can activate WinCC Runtime on the redundant server computer.

b) Duplicating the WinCC project with "Duplicate"
Using the "Duplicate" button of the WinCC Project Duplicator you can copy the configuration and Runtime data of the WinCC source project into a target directory. The copied WinCC project is automatically changed with regard to computer name and redundancy settings.

Depending on the state of the source project either only the configuration data is copied or the configuration and Runtime data.

  • Project closed
    The configuration and Runtime data is transferred.
  • Project open and deactivated
    Only the configuration data is transferred.
  • Project in Runtime
    Only the configuration data is transferred.
  • Project open and activated
    Only the configuration data is transferred.

The same requirements hold for the target directory as when copying the project using the "Save as ..." button.

More information:

  • More information is available in the WinCC Online Help under "WinCC Information System > Working with Projects > Duplicating and archiving projects" and "WinCC Information System > Configurations > Redundant Systems > Working with Redundancy > WinCC Redundancy Project Duplicator".
  • If your WinCC project is integrated in the SIMATIC Manager, you should use the "PLC > Download" function of the SIMATIC Manager instead of the Project Duplicator.

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