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PROFINET IO - Configuration & Diagnostics

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PROFINET is a comprehensive standard for industrial automation based on Industrial Ethernet. PROFINET IO allows to connect distributed field devices (IO devices) to a central controller (IO controller) either using Industrial Ethernet cables or Industrial Wireless LAN. PROFINET IO also allows to easily integrate existing PROFIBUS segments. As usual, the configuration is performed with STEP 7 and resembles the configuration of PROFIBUS DP.

With the following configuration users are to be provided with a compact guideline that shows how to configure a PROFINET IO system. In addition, the extensive diagnostic capabilities are demonstrated. The step-by-step instructions of this document show

  • the configuration of a PROFINET IO controller
  • the configuration of a PROFINET IO device
  • the connection of wireless PROFINET IO devices to PROFINET
  • the connection of a PROFIBUS DP slave to a PROFINET IO system using an IE/PB Link PN IO
  • the creation of a PROFINET IO topology
  • the simple overview diagnostics of a PROFINET IO system using STEP 7 means for different fault scenarios
  • the diagnostics using the Topology Editor for different fault scenarios
  • the Web server diagnostic functions for different fault scenarios and
  • the Fast Start-Up function in PROFINET IO.



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Documentation (English) 
Configuation and Diagnostics of a PROFINET IO-System
22981197_PROFINET_IO_Config_V20_e.pdf ( 3148 KB )





05/2006 First edition
01/2010 New topics (topology configuration, automatic commissioning, web server diagnostic functions and fast start-up in PROFINET IO) added.


ET 200S, IE/PB Link PN IO, ET 200eco PN, ET 200pro IWLAN, SCALANCE W

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