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How do you switch an operator panel to transfer mode when the autostart's timeout is set to 0 seconds?

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No. Procedure
1 If "Zero Seconds" is set for the delay time ("Autostart" or "Startup Delay") when the operator panel is started, then the operator panel starts with the corresponding Runtime configuration directly after booting.

Fig. 01

2 If you wish to make settings afterwards in the Control Panel or wish to enable the Transfer mode directly on the operator panel, then you must configure the "Stop Runtime" function or "Open Control Panel" function in your configuration.

Fig. 02

3 Below we take an MP 370 Touch to demonstrate how to proceed when the autostart is set to zero seconds and no "Stop Runtime" function or "Open Control Panel" function is configured.

The entry can be applied to all panels in which the time for "Autostart" and "Startup Delay" can be changed.

If a transfer is to be triggered by a configuration computer, under the following conditions there can be no automatic switch to Transfer mode (from the running operation):

  • Autostart set to zero seconds and
  • "Remote Control" check box deselected
    (in the transfer settings under "Channel 1" and  "Channel 2", see Fig. 03)

Fig. 03

4 Remedy:
There is the following option for switching the panel into transfer mode for the project download.

Using the ProSave software you can reset the operator panel back to its factory settings (booting).
For this you select the "Reset to factory settings" function.
Note that this causes all data and any authorizations you might have to be lost.

Fig. 04


To be able to select the "Reset to factory settings" function*) you must have already selected a "serial connection" beforehand in the menu "General > Connection".

Zero modem cable or PC/PPI cable - e.g. order number: 6ES7901-3CB30-0XA0.

Refer to the relevant manual to see which interface your panel supports.

*) Refer to the note in Step 5

5 Note on the MP 377 Touch/Key
With MP 377, to be able to select the "Reset to factory settings" function you must specify Ethernet in the menu "General > Connection" and an IP address under
"Connection parameters".

Fig. 05

6 Executing the "Reset to factory settings" function:
A detailed description and instructions for executing the
""Reset to factory settings" function are available in the Entry ID 19701610 and in the relevant device manual.

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