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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 23050125, Entry date: 04/24/2006

DriveMonitor, reference list entries in the "Drive properties" screen and order numbers.

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I’ve bought a MASTERDRIVES unit, order no. 6SE7016 - 1TA61 and wish to go online with the DriveMonitor.Which device type has to be selected in the "Drive properties" screen ?

The attached table "DriveMonitor_MLFB.pdf" is a reference list containing the entries made in the "Drive properties" screen of the DriveMonitor and the relevant order numbers. The order numbers defining the relevant unit are marked in bold.Note: This reference list only includes MASTERDRIVES units.
KHED1382_4424_6464_DriveMonitor_MLFB.pdf ( 14 KB )
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