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How can you analyze errors when installing WinCC?

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Upon installation of WinCC different log files are created in the Windows directory, e.g. "C:\WINDOWS\". If installation problems occur, you can go through these log files to find error entries and thus determine a possible cause of the problem. Below is a list of some of the log files with path specifications.

Files up to and including WinCC V7.0:

citamis.str C:\WINDOWS
HMI_*.log 1) C:\WINDOWS
RASetup*.LOG C:\
WinCCInstallation.log C:\WINDOWS
1) For example: HMI_CCInit_Master.log, HMI_WebNavigatorServer.log, HMI_WinCCSmartTools.log, HMI_RemotePublisher.log
2) For example: HMI_SC_ACE_LOG.TXT, HMI_SQLServerData.txt, HMI_SSC_ComArch_LOG.TXT

Files as from WinCC V7.0 SP1: 

XP / 2003

citamis.str C:\WINDOWS
HMI_SQLStarter.txt C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Siemens\Automation\Logfiles\Setup
RASetup*.LOG C:\
WinCC_Configuration_Log.txt C:\WINDOWS
WinCC_Runtime_Log.txt C:\WINDOWS


citamis.str C:\ProgramData\Siemens\Automation\Logfiles\Setup
HMI_SQLStarter.txt C:\ProgramData\Siemens\Automation\Logfiles\Setup
RASetup*.LOG C:\ProgramData\Siemens\Automation\Logfiles\Setup
WinCC_Configuration_Log.txt C:\ProgramData\Siemens\Automation\Logfiles\Setup
WinCC_Runtime_Log.txt C:\ProgramData\Siemens\Automation\Logfiles\Setup

You can quickly find the error entries by using specific full-text searches, e.g. a search for the character string "ERROR". Taking the time stamp, you can compare the entries with any entries in the Windows event display and thus establish further connections.