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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 23115415, Entry date: 04/01/2006

Discontinuation of 3RB12 Solid-State Overload Relays

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The 3RB12 solid-state overload relays (all types) will be discontinued after 09/30/2007.

The 3RB12 devices will be replaced by the 3RB22/3RB23 solid-state overload relays (evaluation modules) with the corresponding 3RB29 current measuring modules and the 3RB29 function expansion modules.
The old devices were designed as “monoblock”, while the successor products feature a modular design. This results in a considerable reduction of the number of variants from 126 order numbers with the old 3RB12 solid-state relays to only 11 order numbers with the new 3RB22 and 3RB23 devices. A conversion aid is available in the LV1 catalog 2006 on page 5/46.

Please observe that after the type discontinuation in 09/2007, 3RB12 solid-state relays can no longer be supplied.

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