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How can you install the Automation License Manager when the installation in Windows 2000 is aborted with the message "Server service not active"?

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In Windows 2000 check whether the Server service is disabled in the Control Panel. The table below describes how to proceed to enable the Server service. If the Server is only stopped or terminated, then you can install Automation License Manager without any problem.

No. Procedure

In the Control Panel of Windows 2000 open the "Administration" dialog via

  • "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administration".

In the "Administration" dialog you then open "Services". Here, in the "Status" column, you can see whether the Server service is enabled (Status: Started) or not.

3 In the Services" dialog (Fig. 01) you right-click "Server" and in the pop-up menu that opens you select "Properties".

Fig. 01
4 Go to the "General" tab in the "Properties of Server" dialog that opens and start the Server service. For this you click on the "Start" button.

Fig. 02

You can only start the Server service if it is not disabled, otherwise the "Start" button is grayed out and cannot be activated. In this case
click on the "Continue" button. After continuing or starting the server the status "Started" is displayed for the server in the appropriate line in the "Services" dialog (Fig. 01).

5 Close the "Properties of Server" dialog with OK and then you can install the Automation License Manager.

In the "Properties of Server" dialog, in the "Dependencies" tab, you can see in the bottom pane (Fig. 03) which system components are dependent on the server. Once the Automation License Manager has been installed, this service also appears in the "Dependencies" tab.

Fig. 03

Note on Windows XP
In Windows XP, the communication between services should be allowed. In the "LogOn" tab you enable the option "Allow service to interact with desktop" (Fig. 04).

Fig. 04

Then click the "Apply" button, followed by "OK" to confirm.

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