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STEP 7 V5.x Hardware Support Packages (HSPs - as at 07/2019) for installing hardware updates in the Hardware Configuration

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Attached are the latest Hardware Support Packages for STEP 7 ready for downloading.

The Hardware Support Packages will permit you to configure modules that are not contained in the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation.
As from STEP 7 V5.2 you have the option of updating the hardware catalog via the Hardware Support Packages.

How to update the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation using this download is described in Entry ID: 22374877.

You obtain a list of the Hardware Support Packages contained in the download by first downloading the "STEP7_HSP.zip" file. You then unpack the Zip file and open the "HSP_Viewer.html" file contained in it with your Internet browser.

Fig. 01

You can change the language directly in the opened HSP viewer.

Fig. 02

Download of the Hardware Support Packages
 Registrierung notwendig  step7_hsps.zip (111,7 MB)

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