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STEP 7 V5.x Hardware Support Packages (HSPs - as at 05/2022) for installing hardware updates in the Hardware Configuration

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Attached are the latest Hardware Support Packages for STEP 7 ready for downloading.

The Hardware Support Packages will permit you to configure modules that are not contained in the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation.
As from STEP 7 V5.2 you have the option of updating the hardware catalog via the Hardware Support Packages.

How to update the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation using this download is described in Entry ID: 22374877.

You obtain a list of the Hardware Support Packages contained in the download by first downloading the "STEP7_HSP.zip" file. You then unpack the Zip file and open the "HSP_Viewer.html" file contained in it with your Internet browser.

Fig. 1

You can change the language directly in the opened HSP viewer.

Fig. 2

Download of the Hardware Support Packages
 Login required  step7_hsps.zip (124,1 MB)

SHA-256 checksum: 292720DACCF533A38E93207B56D449A18A55042A548CE6AC62B52DB9B360CF9B
Information on SHA-256 can be found in the entry: How do you determine the SHA-256 or SHA-512 checksum of a file? 

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