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ERTEC 400 PN IO V2.0 Development Kit released for Delivery

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The DK ERTEC 400 PN IO V2.0 Development Kit has been released for delivery by Siemens A&D PT2.



The ERTEC 400 PN IO Development Kit can be used to develop and test PROFINET hardware and software applications using the ERTEC 400 ASIC.

The development kit makes PROFINET technology accessible to device manufacturers and users. The Integration Centers (see below) in Europe and USA provide free-of-charge telephone support for development and application engineers. The Integration Centers also provide software and hardware development work, as well as local support – at a charge.


As from version V2.0 the development kit supports the PROFINET realtime (RT) and isochronous realtime (IRT) features.



Due to the extensive range of matching hardware and software components, development work for a PROFINET IO device, e.g. field device, is reduced considerably.

The development kit provides an operable development environment as basis for the special requirements of the development engineer.
The documentation in German and English is supplied on CD ROM.


Technical data 

Included hardware:

· CP 1616;
PC Module for operation as PROFINET IO controller as testing partner
· ERTEC 400 Evaluation Board;
Evaluation board with the ERTEC 400 ASIC as testing environment for customized applications
· ERTEC 400 ASICs;
10 ERTEC 400 ASICs for the development of user-specific hardware are included in the package.
· FastConnect;
FastConnect connectors, cables, as well as a stripping tool are included for easy assembly of Industrial Ethernet cables.

Included software:

· PROFINET IO Controller software examples;
Testing and simulation software under Windows XP for use on PCs
· PROFINET IO Device software examples;
Program example as PROFINET IO Device based on the ERTEC 400
· DK-16xx PN IO;
Development kit for CP 1616 for operation under Linux or to port to other PC-based operating systems.


Operating system environment 

In this version the development kit can only be used together with the operating system VxWorks 5.5.1 of the Wind River company. The development kit includes an installation CD ROM from Wind River for which the user can have a 30-day evaluation license enabled by Wind River. After that the user can buy a full license from Wind River at a special price.

Important: The full version of the Wind River license also includes the runtime license fees for ERTEC-based PROFINET devices. No additional runtime license fees for VxWorks will thus accrue.

The order for the Wind River license should be placed by the user directly with Wind River.


Production license 

The development kit includes a development license entiteling the user to develop and test PROFINET IO devices on the basis of the ERTEC 400. In addition, the user requires a production license for series production for each product line. The order no. is 6ES7195-3BC10-0YA0.


Update from V1.0 to V2.0 

For a free update from version 1.0 to V2.0 please contact ComDeC, tel.: +49 911/750-2080, Fax.: +49 911/750-2100, E-mail: comdec@siemens.com




User manuals and technical information on the ERTEC 400 and the DK ERTEC 400 PN IO are available on the Internet under: http://www.ad.siemens.de/csi/pnio-doc (German) and http://www.ad.siemens.de/csi_en/pnio-doc (English).


Detailed information on the ERTEC technology is available under




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