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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 23484822, Entry date: 05/02/2006

K20 AS-Interface Compact Modules: Product Expansion for the New Series

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The new K20 AS-Interface compact module series has been expanded by a further variant: In addition to the variant as A/B slave in accordance with Spec. 3.0 (3RK2400-1CT30-0AA3), the K20 module with 4 inputs and 4 outputs is now also available as a standard slave variant (3RK1400-1CT30-0AA3). This variant also allows for the application with masters not yet supporting the current AS-Interface Specification 3.0 and can thus be employed in any AS-i application with any AS-i master.


Order data overview of K20 compact modules:
Digital I/O module IP67 - K20 Order No.
Type Slave-
Conn. techn. Availab.
4 inputs A/B Standard M8   3RK2 200-0CT30-0AA3
Y M12   3RK2 200-0CQ30-0AA3
2 inputs /
2 outputs

Standard M8   3RK2 400-1BT30-0AA3
Y M12   3RK2 400-1BQ30-0AA3
4 inputs /
4 outputs
Standard  Standard M8 3rd

3RK1 400-1CT30-0AA3
3RK2 400-1CT30-0AA3
2 safe inputs Standard Y-II M12   3RK1 205-0BQ30-0AA3

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