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IWLAN Configuration Using RCoax Cable in a PROFINET IO Environment (Configuration 6)

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Modern automation technology is based on communication and an increasing networking of individual islands of production. The integration of all production components with consistent networking to the office network or the company intranet is becoming more and more important. Movable stations can be integrated cost-effectively and flexibly via IWLAN. Connections via slip rings etc. which are difficult to maintain and interference-prone are not required. PROFINET IO via IWLAN with RCOAX Cable offers the vertical integration of mobile stations also in an interference-prone environment.

The example described in this document shows you the setup of two IWLAN segments with RCoax Cable and explains the questions occurring during the configuration.

  • Central controller with PROFINET CP343-1 communications processor
  • Setting up infrastructure with SCALANCE PROFINET components
  • Using RCoax antennas
  • ET200S with IM151 PROFIBUS via IWLAN/PB Link PN IO
  • ET200S with IM151 PROFINET via W747-1RR ClientModule
  • Using rapid roaming / iPCF
  • Monitoring the update time
  • Simple PN IO diagnostic functions.

The following figure shows the hardware setup of this Configuration.


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Documentation (German)  23488061_IWLAN_RCOAX_DOKU_V11_d.pdf ( 1723 KB )
Documentation (English)  23488061_IWLAN_RCOAX_DOKU_V11_e.pdf ( 1681 KB )
STEP 7 Project and Configuration Files
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