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Technology CPUs: Parameterization of the "Gear Synchronization" Technology Function (SyncOp Guide)

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The role of synchronization functions becomes increasingly important in automation technology. The progress in control technology and the availability of more and more powerful systems result in an increasing number of merely mechanical solutions being replaced by "electronic" variants. The synchronization functions of the technology CPU provide the option to replace rigid mechanical links by "control technology"; as a result, the developed solutions are made more flexible and easier to maintain.

Control technology can be used to achieve a linear synchronization between one master axis and several slave axes via the gear synchronization of the technology CPU; this linear synchronization could e.g. be realized mechanically by a gear. A gear ratio can be specified as a ratio via which the master axis position is linearly mapped to the position of the slave axes.

This document shows you the parameterization and setting options of the Gear Synchronization synchronization function of the technology CPU and realistic examples support you in transferring this function to your application.

This document provides you with basic information on the synchronization functions available in connection with the technology CPU, shows the parameterization and setting options for the Gear Synchronization technology function, explains the practical procedure when configuring the gear synchronization and illustrates the effects of the settings made. Additional information, mathematical considerations on axis motion and gear synchronization and realistic application examples of the Gear Synchronization technology function round off the documentation.


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06/2006 first edition


SyncOp Guide Synchronous Operation Gear Synchronization Parameterization

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