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How can I use FTP functions to transfer data from the PC directly to an S7-200 CPU and vice versa?

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The principal procedure is outlined below. A detailed description of all the functions is available in the Online Help in STEP 7 Micro/WIN. The Internet Wizard is available for configuring the Web server functionality in the menu "STEP 7 Micro/WIN -> Options".

No. Procedure
1 Click on the "Help" menu in the general view of STEP 7 Micro/WIN. Click on "Help Topics" in the mask that opens. Enter "ftp" as a keyword in the search function. For example, select "FTP Client" and click "Display".

Fig. 01

The following mask lists all the steps available for data transfer via FTP functions. In our example (see Point 3) we select Step 12 "Set up remote FTP user accounts" or (see Point 4) "Set up FTP client operations".

Fig. 02
3 In this mask assign login IDs for user, password and the respective privileges for remote login to the internal FTP server. 

Fig. 03
4 In this mask configure the FTP client function that is triggered by the operation ETHx_FTPC. In the "FTP Operation" menu you can select whether you want to read, write or delete data.

Fig. 04

Evaluate the value of the output parameters "Done" and "Error" of the ETHx_FTPC operation to check whether the data is being transferred correctly via FTP. If the data is not read or written successfully, the retrigger the FTP job.

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