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Why do no PROFINET components appear in the primary setup tool or in STEP 7 -Display Accessible Nodes-?

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Industrial Ethernet components can appear on the network in STEP 7 under "Display Accessible Nodes", whereas PROFINET components cannot. The same applies in the primary setup tool, although the following message can also be displayed here: "Error 1:232 A protocol error occurred".

The PROFINET IO RT protocol may possibly not be installed or activated on the computer in question.

Check that the PROFINET IO RT protocol is installed and activated for your network card. To do this, open the properties for the network connection and make sure that the protocol is installed and enabled (checkmark is set in the checkbox).

Fig. 01


If the protocol is not on the list, you will have to install it. Click "Install" to do this. In the dialog box which then opens, select "Protocol", then "Siemens AG" and "PROFINET IO RT-Protocol".

Fig. 02


If the protocol is not on the list, please go to the folder C:\Windows\inf (it may be hidden) and browse through the files for the word "PROFINET" (via the search function). It will search for a file called "oemxy.inf" (xy is a number and is different on every computer). This is the file where Windows installs the protocol. When the file is found, you can select the "Install" option via the pop-up menu.

If this does not prove successful either, please contact Technical Support on http://www.siemens.com/automation/support-request

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