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Easy and reliable detection of objects by means of optical proximity switches (LOGO! Set 18)

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In areas where goods are to be transported ergonomics and safety play an important role. By considering these aspects your aim is to automate a rolling shutter gate and to equip it with appropriate sensors.

For faster passing, the rolling shutter gate shall open and close automatically while considering the protection of persons and goods. Except for authorized staff, the rolling shutter gate must not be opened outside working hours. Automatic control of the rolling shutter gate is to be implemented centrally via a module.

Two retro-reflective sensors connected to the LOGO! logic module allow detection of incoming and outgoing objects and objects in the hazardous area.

An anti-crushing device on the bottom of the rolling shutter gate provides additional protection for objects in the hazardous area.

The LOGO! logic module directs the rolling shutter gate motor (OPEN or CLOSED) by means of a reversing contactor combination that consists of two SIRIUS contactors.
A SIRIUS circuit breaker protects the motor. The movement in the respective direction is stopped after 5 seconds.

To control the rolling shutter gate motor, the automation solution uses a LOGO! logic module with a weekly timer. It allows locking the rolling shutter gate outside working hours. This function can be enabled or disabled using a key switch.
The LOGO! display shows the position of the rolling shutter gate as a text and as a bar chart. In the event of a malfunction of the rolling shutter gate, a “Gate malfunction” diagnostic message will appear on the display.

The activation type (manually, retro-reflecting device, weekly timer) is displayed on the LOGO! display.
In manual mode, the rolling shutter gate can be set to “open” and “ closed” using the LOGO! cursor keys or text display LOGO! TD cursor keys.

The automation solution complies the following requirements of operation:

  • Manually setting the rolling shutter gate to OPEN and CLOSED using the LOGO! or LOGO! TD cursor keys

  • Automatically setting the rolling shutter gate to OPEN and CLOSED by means of retro-reflective sensors

  • Anti-crushing device

  • Access during working hours with the LOGO! weekly timer

  • Access outside working hours with the key switch

  • Gate malfunction diagnostics

The present application offers the following advantages:
  • Cost-effective combination of sensor technology and control functions through the LOGO! logic module

  • Precise detection of objects by means of fast and accurate optical proximity switches

  • Direct display of messages and device states via the integrated display of the LOGO! logic module. The display has 4 lines with 16 characters each.

  • Manual control with the LOGO! cursor keys (e.g., rolling shutter gate OPEN / CLOSED) or via LOGO! TD

The present application offers the following benefits:

  • Savings in time planning your configuration because the project is already done

  • Planning security by a configuration which has been successfully tested

  • Avoiding mistakes due to tested code and step-by-step instructions

  • You can use idle digital outputs of LOGO! e.g. for controlling signal lamps.

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