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PROFINET GSD files : Gateway

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PROFIBUS GSD files for Gateway


Station type: PN/PN Coupler
Order no.: 6ES7 158-3AD**-0XA0
Version: 20191106
 Registrierung notwendig  pn-pn-coupler.zip (55,6 KB) 

  SHA-256 Checksum: FB9BD3FCE81A2EE0F73D672DC31A0A39D757C3B3086CC05FC59D6E89B68E6A56

  Installation requirement:

  Version V5.5 SP4 HF1 or higher is required to install this GSDML in STEP 7!

Station type: PN/J1939 LINK
Order no.: 6BK1 623-0AA00-0AA0
Version: 20181129
 Registrierung notwendig  J1939-LINK.zip (10,6 KB) 

  SHA-256 Checksum: 738D60DE6A2BD618C3F59122A8D21283564DDB5BB3D14CCD66D286950359C74E

Station type: PN/M-BUS LINK
Order no.: 6BK1 622-0AA00-0AA0
Version: 20171130
 Registrierung notwendig  M-BUS-LINK.zip (7,4 KB) 

  SHA-256 Checksum: A7B04F4142689EA83B502FA7F127CACA79C0400A0B5A6471707FF610B8016128

Station type: IE/AS-i LINK PN IO
Order no.: 6GK1 411-2AB*0
Version: 20080612
 Registrierung notwendig  IE-ASi-LINK_20080612.ZIP (12,7 KB)

  SHA-256 Checksum: 2CB3ED3421E3807E977DF3510ADC9930C7C1A63A06C055AC1C3ED0A037B0A5FB

FAQ: How do you determine the SHA-256 checksum of a file? 109483101 

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