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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 23772724, Entry date: 10/06/2006

Release for general availability, motion control system SIMOTION Version V4.0 Hotfix 2

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The SIMOTION software Version V4.0 Hotfix 2 is, effective immediately, available. The release refers to the engineering system SCOUT and SCOUT stand alone as well as the SIMOTION runtime software.
Users with a valid software update service contract for SCOUT will be automatically sent the upgrade to SCOUT  V4.0 Hotfix 2.

For the hardware platforms SIMOTION D425, D435 and D445 (ID 23900305), SIMOTION P350 (ID 23901514) and SIMOTION C230-2 (ID 23772605) dedicated releases for general availability will be issued.

List of contents:

1.       Functional scope

2.       Compatibility

3.       Components that have been released

4.       Ordering information

5.       Applications


1. Functional scope


A series of debugs has been carried-out inSIMOTION Version 4.0 Hotfix 2. We generally recommend the change from V4.0 to V4.0 Hotfix 2. When changing over to Hotfix 2, both SCOUT as well as also the runtime version of the particular platform must be upgraded.





In addition to the bugs that have been resolved, usingSCOUT Version 4.0 Hotfix 2, the new C240 hardware can be configured. There is a dedicated release for general availability for the C240.

Further, withVersion 4.0 Hotfix 2 IM 174 is released for operation with SIMOTION controls to connect analog drives and stepping drives via PROFIBUS (also refer to ID 23519406).

Further, SCOUT and SCOUT stand-alone V4.0 HF2 are also released with STEP7 V5.4 SP1. A&D AS will publish a dedicated release for STEP V5.4 SP1 (also refer to ID 22445425). This and the conditions included in it must be carefully observed.

When usingSTEP 7 V5.3 SP3 the Hotfix required can be retrieved through the SIMOTION Hotline.


The published functional scope forSIMOTION V4.0 also remains valid even with Hotfix 2.

The functional scope forV4.0 (HF2) can be taken from the release for general availability for V4.0. (refer to ID 23379030)


The software packageSCOUT and SCOUT stand-alone includes the DriveES Basic Version 5.4.



2. Compatibility

SIMOTION SCOUT Version 4.0 (HF2) is compatible to Versions V3.2, V3.1, V3.0 and V2.1.

Projects that were generated with older versions can also be handled/processed usingVersion 4.0 (HF2). When required, project data can be subsequently saved inthe V3.2, V3.1 or V3.0 format.

Projects, that were generated using older versions can be upgraded to the new version(e.g. if the existing project is to be expanded by functions provided in Version 4.0 (HF2)). The description should be taken from the readme file or the Manual.


3. Components that have been released


Order No. [MLFB]



Engineering System



6AU1 810-0BA40-0XA0

SIMOTION Engineering System SCOUT V4.0 incl. HF2


6AU1 810-0BA40-0XE0

SIMOTION Engineering System SCOUT V4.0 incl. HF2 upgrade


6AU1 810-0CA40-0XA0

SIMOTION Engineering System SCOUT stand-alone V4.0 incl. HF2


6AU1 810-0CA40-0XE0

SIMOTION Engineering System SCOUT stand-alone V4.0 incl. HF2
upgrade on CD-ROM


6AU1 800-0KA40-0AA0

SIMOTION IT V4.0 incl. HF2:
SIMOTION firmware for Ethernet-based
HMI and diagnostic functions




The supply status of the software has been changed - however the Order No. forV4.0 has been kept. SCOUT and SCOUT stand-alone are, effective immediately, supplied with Hotfix 2.


ValidSIMOTION update contracts will be automatically supplied with SCOUT V4.0 incl. HF2.

Customers that have not signed an update service can order the current software release with the Order Nos. above.

The current floating license V4.0 will still remain valid. This is the reason that it is sufficient to orderone upgrade in order to upgrade several computers to release V4.0 Hotfix 2. 

Please contact your localSiemens office for more detailed information.

SCOUT V4.0 (HF2) in conjunction with WinCC flexible will only be able to be used with WinCC flexible, Version 2005 SP1.


4. Ordering information


Also withVersion V4.0 (HF2), SIMOTION memory cards for SIMOTION C and D (MMC and CF) as well as SIMOTION P350 can be ordered with pre-installed licenses. This means that it is no longer necessary to license the runtime software in the field. Additionally required functions can be tested in advance and subsequently installed. For pre-installed licenses, when ordering the hardware (MMC, CF or P350) the number of licenses should also be specified:

·        Pxx POS license and number (e.g. P02=2 x POS license)

·        Gxx – GEARlicenseand number (e.g. G03=3 x GEAR license)

·        Cxx – CAM license and number (e.g. C01=1 x CAM license)

·        Txx – TControl license and number (e.g. T03=3 x TControl license)

·        X00– license OPC XML

·        D00 – license IT DIAG

·        M00 – license MultiAxisPackage (independent of the platform)

WithVersion V4.0, for the first time, platform-specific MultiAxes licenses are available with graduated prices. They allow an unlimited number of axes to be used and therefore permit especially simple licensing. For C230-2, C240, D425 and D435 the introduction of the platform-specific MultiAxes licenses results in a significantly lower price for the software license - even for a low number of axes.


·         M24 - license MultiAxesPackage C230-2 and C240

·         M42 - license MultiAxesPackage D425

·         M43 - license MultiAxesPackage D435

·         M44 - license MultiAxesPackage D445

·         M35 - license MultiAxesPackage P350

Ordering example:
- Compact-Flash card 512MB with MultiAxes Package for the D425: 6AU1400-2NA00-0AA0-Z M42

An ordering configurator is provided in the Internet so that it is simpler toorder hardware with licenses. Licenses can be simply selected and ordered using a configurator. Customers with access to the Mall can order directly using the ordering configurator in the Mall. 


Bundles are also offered for all of the platforms. These comprise the device, a memory card and a platform specificMultiAxes license. This permits simpler ordering and logistics as there is only one OrderNo.. More detailed information on this is provided under the release for sale of the devices.


5. Applications

SIMOTION is mainly used for machines where the focus is on motion control. With SIMOTION, users have comprehensive and flexible motion control functionality at their fingertips. As a result of the integrated PLC functionality according to IEC61131-3, SIMOTION can be used to implement the complete machine control. This is the reason that SIMOTION is admirably suited for all machines requiring motion control tasks to be fulfilled - from simple up to high performance applications. Using the "distributed synchronous operation" function, modular machine concepts and machines with very many axes can be implemented via PROFIBUS/PROFINET.


The system is the optimum solution for every application with the three hardware versions -SIMOTION C, P and D. SIMOTION D is offered in three versions (D425 and D445) - this means that the highest degree of scalability and flexibility is guaranteed as a result of the different performance classes. SIMOTION D is used in conjunction with SINAMICS S120 drives.


SIMOTION C230-2, C240 and SIMOTION P350 can be used with SIMODRIVE 611U, SIMODRIVE POSMO, MASTERDRIVES MC/VC and MICROMASTER drives - and especially also with SINAMICS S120 drives. The coupling is realized with clock-cycle synchronism [isochronous operation] via PROFIBUS/PROFINET with the PROFIdrive drive interface.


Analog drivescan be connected directly to SIMOTION C - as well as to all SIMOTION platforms with PROFIBUS via the Analog Drive Interface ADI4 or the IM 174. Further, using SIMOTION C, up to 4 stepping drives can be directly controlled via the pulse/direction interface. Stepping drives can alsobe connected via the IM 174 or directly via the PROFIBUS interface. In order that a stepping drive can be directly connected via PROFIBUS the stepping drive mustsupport the PROFIdrive profile via the clock-cycle synchronous [isochronous] PROFIBUS.


ThePROFIBUS module IM 174 can be used from SIMOTION V4.0 Hotfix 2 and is used to connect a maximum of 4 electrical or hydraulic drives with analog setpoint interface or stepping drives with pulse/direction interface to a SIMOTION control.


SIMOTION P350-3 and D4x5 can also be optionally operated together with the PROFINET MCI-PN Board or CBE30 Board connected to PROFINET IO with the real time classes IRT and RT.
For more detailed information, refer to the release for general availability for PROFINET IO (ID 23780968).


Please contact your localSiemens office for more detailed information.

Security information
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