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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 23839580, Entry date: 08/29/2006

Release for general availability, Drive ES PCS7 V6.1 SP1

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The product Drive ES PCS7 V6.1 SP1 has been released for sale and general availability
with this info.
The reason for the revision and further development is the fact that the SIMATIC PCS7 V6.1 SP1 has been
launched into the market as well as some detailed revision work relating to the blocks and face plates.

Release for general availability: 08. August 2006

Order Nos. [MLFBs]:

Order No.






Drive ES PCS7 V6.1 SP1, single license



Effective immediately


Upgrade Drive ES PCS7 V5.x/V6.x to V6.1 SP1 for single license



Effective immediately


Software update service for
Drive ES PCS7 single license



Effective immediately


Runtime license for Drive ES PCS7 Vx.y



Effective immediately


· Detailed expanded functionality in the DES_DIAG blocks and the face plates

· Additional SINAMICS drives are supported ( e.g. S120 CU310 DP )

· SINAMICS G120 can be integrated using the MM4 block taking into consideration the telegram setting
(use SIEMENS telegram 350, PZD-4/4).


The blocks can be used for drives after a Y link, if the drives are integrated
using a GSD file.

Only PZD communications to control the drives are possible; non-cyclic (acyclic) communication functions to read-out the fault memory are, in operation, de-activated behind the Y link. Using the engineering tools, from Drive ES Basic, it is not possible to access the drives behind the Y link.

· DES_DIAG block with expanded functionality for improved diagnostics of drives behind a Y link.

· Now, in the face plates it is permitted to re-parameterize from two-hand operator control to one-hand operator control.

· SINAMICS G120 drives can be integrated via the MM4 block. In this case, it is only necessary, in the HW configuration, to set the SIEMENS telegram 350, PZD-4/4 instead of the PCS7 telegram.
As a restriction, for the G120, presently for several fault numbers, no fault texts are still displayed in the picture (image) block.



SIMATIC PCS7 from V6.1, Windows 2000, XP Prof., Windows Server 2003


How can the new version be obtained?

If you still do not have a version of Drive ES PCS7, then you can order it new.

Order number: 6SW1700-6JD00-1AA0

For users who already have a Drive ES PCS7 version V5.x or V6.x!

An upgrade version is available, which is offered at a significantly lower price than the full version.
Order number: 6SW1700-6JD00-1AA4

For customers who have entered into an update service contract 6SW1700-0JD00-0AB2!
Customers who have entered into an update service contract will automatically receive the new version.


Availability of previous versions:
The existing versions of Drive ES PCS7 Version V5.1, V5.2 and Version V6.0 are still available for
compatibility reasons to the corresponding SIMATIC PCS7 Versions V5.1, V5.2 and V6.0.

The single license is the already known form of the engineering license that must be purchased for each engineering station. The engineering license automatically includes a runtime license, which authorizes users to download the software to an AS station. Additional runtime licenses must be purchased for additional AS stations.

The upgrade version for Drive ES PCS7 from V5.X and V6.x to V6.1 SP1 is for those customers who already have one or several licenses. Customers are able to obtain the new version for a significantly reduced price.
Notice! The upgrade checks whether a previous version exists and only then can the upgrade be installed.

The update service means that customers are automatically supplied with all of the service packs and full versions for one year. This means that the customer always has the current software. This service will be invoiced.
Note! Users who have ordered the update service automatically receive the new version

The runtime license for Drive ES PCS7 V6.1 SPx
When the license is purchased (it comprises a software certificate with license and adhesive label), customers are authorized to download our blocks and use them on one AS station. In order to prove that a runtime license has been purchased, the supplied label can be glued to the AS station or in the appropriate documentation (e.g. machine logbook).

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