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How do you connect a panel to a SIMATIC H station?

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Connect panel with SIMATIC H station
You cannot connect a panel directly to a SIMATIC H station with the same MPI/PROFIBUS addresses and IP addresses.
The PDF document below describes how to connect panels to SIMATIC H stations.

1 Introduction
2 Unilateral panel connection to an H CPU
3 Redundant panel connection
4 Panel connection to H CPUs via two repeaters
5 Connection of a scriptable panel with "software solution" to an H CPU
   5.1 Basic functions
   5.2 Sample configuration for Industrial Ethernet with integrated WinCC flexible project
         5.2.1 STEP 7 configuration
         5.2.2 Connection parameterization in WinCC flexible
         5.2.3 Tag parameterization in WinCC flexible
         5.2.4 Script creation and implementation in WinCC flexible
         5.2.5 Sample scenario
6 Connection of a non-scriptable panel with a "software solution" to an H CPU
   6.1 Basic functions
   6.2 Sample configuration for MPI, PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet
         6.2.1 STEP 7 configuration
         6.2.2 Connection parameterization in WinCC flexible
         6.2.3 Tag parameterization in WinCC flexible
         6.2.4 Project tags in WinCC flexible
         6.2.5 Basic functions
         6.2.6 Connection testing


23842653_WinCC_flexible_redundant_communication_e.pdf ( 1046 KB )

 Download, sample scripts

23842653_WinCC_flexible_redundant_communication.zip ( 4 KB )

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