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How can you replace the technology CPU already configured in a STEP 7 project with another technology CPU?

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There is a specific procedure for replacing a configured technology CPU with another technology CPU. This entry contains a document that describes the procedure for replacing the technology CPU.

The attached document is divided as follows:

1 Backing up the Numbers of the Technology DBs
2 Upgrading the Configured CPU
    2.1 Replacing the CPU in HW Config
    2.2 Adapting the technology objects in S7T Config
    2.3 Regenerating the technology DBs in TOM
    2.4 Characteristic features when using the Microbox 420T
        2.4.1 Integrating the Microbox 420T
        2.4.2 Transferring the technology
        2.4.3 Transferring the PLC program
        2.4.4 Regenerating the technology DBs in TOM
        2.4.5 Final work
3 History

Attachment 1: T_CPU_Tausch_e.pdf ( 295 KB )

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