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Communication between SIMATIC S7 and Allen-Bradley ControlLogix CPUs via Ethernet: Use of "Echochange" gateways

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With the networking of different systems increasing, the necessity of SIMATIC products being able to communicate with devices of external providers also increases. Here, Allen-Bradley or Rockwell products which especially penetrate the US market are of special interest.

The present configuration presents the "Echochange" gateway made by INAT GmbH by means of which both networks can communicate with each other via Ethernet interfaces.

The "Echochange" gateway is equipped with two Ethernet interfaces which can be parameterized differently. Thus, it is possible to link the Ethernet/IP communication on the Allen-Bradley side to the Industrial Ethernet/ISO-on-TCP communication on the SIMATIC side. By means of the "AG_SEND"/"AG_RECV" blocks, a S7-300 CPU then can exchange data with the ControlLogix CPU on the Allen-Bradley side.

The "Echochange" gateway allows easy connection of two existing Ethernet networks with low hardware and configuration effort. In principle, it is also possible to connect other controls and other Ethernet variants as the ones presented here. The usefulness is limited by the restriction to "integer" as the only data type which the concerned controls are allowed to exchange.

The document presents the functionality of the gateway including its major configuration steps and essential background information. Nevertheless, the document only is intended for orientation; it does not contain a complete and runnable configuration.


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