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Connection between PROFIBUS Networks and DeviceNet by Anybus X-Gateways

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The increasing networking of different systems also increases the necessity for SIMATIC products to communicate with devices of third-party suppliers. In this connection, Allen-Bradley or Rockwell products, which have a high market penetration especially in the USA, are of particular interest.

This configuration presents the "Anybus X"-gateway sold by HMS GmbH which enables the communication between a PROFIBUS network and a DeviceNet system.


The "Anybus" products sold by HMS GmbH do not represent a separate field bus standard; they are protocol converters which ensure a type of "universal bus connection".

Anybus gateways consist of two interface modules which operate two different network protocols and one universal "switching module" located in between. All three modules are combined in one single housing. The modular design allows to establish a connection from practically every field bus to any other field bus, either operated as a master or slave, depending on the used module combination. Currently, approx. 170 different gateway variants are available on the market.

One of the variants combines a PROFIBUS Slave interface with a DeviceNet master.


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