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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 23942303, Entry date: 11/09/2011

PC-based Automation: Fundamental example to PC-based automation

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In this application, the basics of the PC based automation is to be illustrated with SIMATIC IPC427C. These include:
  • Installation and commissioning of the required hardware and software
  • Connecting of distributed I/O
  • Remote Control
  • DiagMonitor V4.2 for monitoring the status of hardware
  • Application of an example S7 program

This application provides you with all basics on PC based automation - from setting up the SIMATIC IPC427C to programming and configuration up to connecting external I/O.

Discussed Task
This application explains the baisc factor of automation with SIMATIC IPC427C. The following tasks are discussed in this application:

  • Installation and optimization of the SIMATIC IPC427C
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Process connection via PROFINET I/O for SIMATIC IPC427C
  • Configuration of SIMATIC IPC427C with STEP 7
  • Programming example: Recipe data management in data blocks

Functional structure
The following figure shows the interaction of the automation components, which are described in this example, in principle.

Hardware setup and Software installation
Here you see the hardware setup realized for this application, as well as the software to be installed for the components.


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Application Description  
Automation with SIMATIC IPC 427C
Download size about 1,5 MB
23942303_WinAC_SE_DOKU_v20_e.pdf ( 1011 KB )
STEP 7 Project for this application
Download size about 0,7 MB
23942303_WinAC_SE_CODE_v20.zip ( 658 KB )




12/2006 First edition with SIMATIC MICROBOX 420-RTX
10/2011 Update with SIMATIC IPC427C

Additional Information
Eight applications are available in the Application & Tools portal to round off and extend the required expert knowledge on "PC-based automation". We have developed and descriped some examples for each of the four typical automation tasks (controlling, communication, visualization, technology). The respective links are listed in the table below.




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