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MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120: 50/60Hz change-over.

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For a 50/60Hz changeover, in addition to physical quantities, the motor parameters and the parameter for fmax are appropriately pre-signed. If power settings are expressed in [kW] or [hp] you can define with parameter P0100.

How do I conduct a 50/60Hz change-over?

Possible settings of the P0100:
    0     Europe [kW], standard frequency 50 Hz
    1     North America [Hp], standard frequency 60 Hz
    2     North America [kW], standard frequency 60 Hz



  • Before changing this parameter first stop the drive (i.e. inhibit the pulses)
  • Parameter P0100 can only be changed using P0010 = 1 (commissioning mode) via the appropriate parameter interface (e.g. BOP) or commissioning tool (e.g. STARTER)
  • When changing P0100, all of the motor rated parameters as well as all of the other parameters - that depend on the motor rated parameters - are reset (refer to P0340 – calculating the motor parameters)


Note:  particularity with parameter P0100 at the SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x-2) Firmware < V4.4

The SINAMICS G120  inverter with firmware versions V4.2 - V4.3 own only a limited functionality of the parameter P0100.

  • further parameter information you will find in the Parameter Manual (Edition: 11/2009 FW 4.3) Entry-ID: 41752999
  • information to set up a SINAMICS G120 inverter (FW V4.2 - V4.3) to work with a 60Hz motor, you will find in the PDF-file   faq_ibn_60hz_motor_cu-2_en.pdf (315,6 KB)


Note: 50/60Hz changeover for MICROMASTER 4

The MM4 inverter offers also a possible change-over by using the DIP50/60 switch. Using the DIP50/60 switch (refer to Fig. 1-1) located below the I/O board, the factory set frequency can be adapted to North American units - without any parameterization - using an operator panel or commissioning tool. The setting of the DIP50/60 switch determines the value of parameter P0100 after switching-in the line supply voltage.
The Parameter P0100 has an higher priority than the DIP50/60 switch. However, after the inverter is powered-on again and P0100 < 2, the DIP50/60 setting will take priority and overwrite P0100. The DIP50/60 switch does not have any effect, if P0100 = 2.


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