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PROFINET IO – Diagnostics Processing in the User Program

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The distribution of distributed automation systems with PROFINET also increases the significance of monitoring and diagnosing such systems. STEP 7 offers a number of internal system functions for diagnosing PROFINET IO devices. This application uses two different approaches to show the implementation of this task within the STEP 7 user program and the display on a SIMATIC HMI system.

The figure below shows the hardware configuration used for the solutions:

The following two solution principles were realized as examples:

  • Sample solution with SFC 51 (RDSYSST reading out an SSL partial list) and SFB 54 (RALARM) - receiving an interrupt

  • Sample solution with the diagnostics expansion (FB_126_Dataset) based on "Report System Error".

The sample solution with SFC 51 and SFB 54 describes a status or diagnostics evaluation in the startup OB (OB100/101) or in the diagnostic organization blocks (OB82/83/85/86). The sample solution shows you the respectively required STEP 7 program. The static diagnostic information is visualized on a SIMATIC HMI panel on an individual diagnostics user interface with WinCC flexible.

In contrast, the sample solution with the diagnostics expansion (FB_126_Dataset) based on "Report System Error" only requires a minimum of its own user program. The diagnostic functions are generated by the configuration in STEP 7 and can be applied with minimum programming effort. The sample solution shows you how to query the diagnostic data using the "Report System Error" functions in the control program. The diagnostic information is again visualized on the SIMATIC HMI panel.


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PROFINET IO – Diagnostics Processing in the User Program
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Code (Software)
The ZIP file contains the archives of the described sample solutions.
24000238_PROFINET_IO_Diag_CODE_V10.zip ( 5455 KB )

Additional Information
In connection with this application, an additional document dealing with PROFINET IO diagnostics in STEP 7 is available.



PROFINET IO - Configuration & Diagnostics Entry-ID: 22981197

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