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Which settings have to be defined in order to send text messages (SMS) to an e-mail recipient using SINAUT ST7?

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Configuration notes:
If you wish to send a text message to an e-mail address and not, as would ordinarily be the case, to another mobile phone user, the text message starts with the recipient's e-mail address, following by the actual text.
Since the configuration tool does not support the use of the special character "@" in the e-mail address, this has to be replaced by "*".

Fig. 01


Enter the destination number of the provider's e-mail gateway in the "SMS DB configuration" of the SINAUT configuration tool instead of the mobile phone number.

The destination numbers for e-mail gateways vary from one provider to the next:

Provider E-mail destination number
T-Mobile 8000
D2-Vodafone 3400
Table 01

Fig. 02


In order to use this function, firmware version V4.3.3 at least is required for TIM 3 and TIM 4.

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