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Which settings have to be defined in order to send text messages (SMS) to a fax machine using SINAUT ST7?

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Configuration notes:
If you wish to send a text message to a fax machine and not, as would ordinarily be the case, to another mobile phone user, specify the provider's gateway number followed by the recipient's fax number in the "SMS DB configuration" of the SINAUT configuration tool instead of the mobile phone number.

In the case of T-Mobile and D2-Vodafone, the gateway can be reached via the prefix "99".

In the example below (Fig. 01), the user wishes to send a fax to the fax number 040 123456.
This involves entering the fax number "99040123456" into the entry field for the mobile phone number.

Fig. 01


In order to use this function, firmware version V4.3.3 at least is required for TIM 3 and TIM 4.

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