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Which settings are required in order to operate an MD3 dial-up modem as a dedicated-line modem in the SINAUT network?

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Configuration notes:
As a general rule, the MD3 must be at least release 4 in order to operate the dial-up modem as a dedicated-line modem.
The MD3 can then be used as a duplex transmission channel on a 2-wire dedicated line.
The MD3 operates at all transmission speeds within the voice band, which means that it can also be used on Telekom leased lines in accordance with Telekom requirements.

The MD3 dial-up modem only supports point-to-point connections with another MD3 dial-up modem.

In NetPro, an MD2 modem has to be configured on the dedicated line instead of an MD3.

The TIM modules TIM33, TIM33D, TIM43 and TIM43D cannot be used as dedicated-line modems because the internal modem module cannot be changed.

The loop current circuit has to be disabled on DIL switch SW1.3 on the MD3 modem.

The terminating resistor on the MD3 modem has to be set to "Zr".

DIL switch SW2.6 has to be set to "dedicated line modem A" on one of the two MD3 modems and to "dedicated line modem B" on the other MD3 modem.

The following figure illustrates how an MD3 is interconnected as a dedicated-line modem on a telecontrol route.

Fig. 01


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