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Which special services have to be set for sending text messages in a SINAUT project?

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Configuration notes:
SMS special services are selected depending upon the provider and the type of network access, so as to enable text messages to be sent via the interface set.

Network access Provider Special service
Landline analog or ISDN D1 (T-Mobile) SMS in the D1 network (TAP protocol)
Landline analog or ISDN D2 (Vodafone) SMS in the D2 network (UCP protocol)
GSM network D1 (T-Mobile) or D2 (Vodafone) SMS digital access

The SMS special services can be set in Properties under SINAUT Dialing Network

Fig. 01


If a provider's SMS access is via a landline network, text messages can only be sent to this provider via the special service interface set.
For now, text messages are sent to other networks from the SMS server. As it processes the text messages, the provider rejects any that have to be sent to another network. The TIM is not informed that the text message has not been delivered by the provider.

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