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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 24057268, Entry date: 12/15/2006

Integration of an AS-i System into PROFINET with the IE/AS-i LINK PN IO (Configuration 7)

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PROFINET is increasingly used in automation technology. This has the advantage that network configurations are uniform from plant control to field level. At sensor/actuator level, however, AS-i technology is still used in larger plants due to the cost-effective wiring of field devices. The main requirement of this application is to seamlessly integrate an existing AS-i field bus into a modern PROFINET network.

As a central gateway, the IE/AS-i LINK PN IO of SIMATIC NET offers the option to connect up to two AS-i subsystems as AS-i master and PROFINET device to a PROFINET network. An S7-300 controller with PROFINET S7-CPU is used as PROFINET IO controller.

Hardware configuration

In this application example, we show the different possibilities to parameterize the IE/AS-i LINK PN IO in practical operation and to diagnose the lower-level AS-i system.
The example provides a detailed explanation of the parameterization and addressing of the AS-i system via:

  • The integrated operator display of the IE/AS-i LINK PN IO,
  • Web-based Management of the IE/AS-i LINK PN IO (integrated web server),
  • an individual user interface of the TP277 panel by using PROFINET system function blocks in the S7-CPU (SFB52/53 - RDREC/WRREC).

We show the different diagnostic capabilities for the IE/AS Link PN IO and the lower-level AS-i system via

  • the configuration of the "Report System Error" SIMATIC S7 function (display on the TP 277 panel)
  • an individual diagnostics program with PROFINET system blocks (SFB52 - RDREC, SFB54 - RALARM) and display on the TP 277 panel
  • the Web-based Management functions of the IE/AS-i LINK PN IO (integrated web server)

A short basics chapter additionally explains the core features of the AS-i technology.


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Documentation (German) 
Integration eines AS-i Feldbusses in PROFINET mit dem IE/AS-i LINK PN IO
24057268_IE_ASI_LINK_DOKU_v10_d.pdf ( 1882 KB )
Documentation (English) 
Integration of an AS-i Field Bus into PROFINET with the IE/AS-i LINK PN IO
24057268_IE_ASI_LINK_DOKU_v10_e.pdf ( 1614 KB )
STEP 7 Project with Integrated WinCC flexible Project
24057268_IE_ASI_LINK_CODE_v10.zip ( 6300 KB )





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