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What properties must a SIM card have when used in SINAUT networks?

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If data connections are set up by the GSM modem (for example, TC35, MC45, MD720-3) via dial-up connections and the circuit-switch data service (CSD), then the SIM card implemented in the GSM modem must be enabled for the CSD data service by the network provider.
After the SIM card has been enabled, it is possible to set up dial-up connections to other GSM devices and to analog or ISDN modems in the landline network.
Mobile phone SIM cards in which only the voice service is enabled by the network operator cannot be used for data communication.

If data connections are set up by the GSM modem (for example, MD720-3, MD740-1) via GPRS, then the SIM card used must be enabled for the GPRS data service. It is recommended to conclude a contract for a fixed volume of data. Here you should select the relevant tariff and thus the amount of free data (for example, 30MB, 300MB or flat rate).

If no data connections are used, but only the card for sending SMS text messages, then enabling for data services is irrelevant.
All SIM cards issued by the network providers are automatically enabled for sending SMS text messages.


  • Some network operators assign an additional phone number for the CSD data service. Check with your network operator.
  • More information about the requirements to be met by a SIM card for setting up connections with TS Adapter and TeleService is available in Entry ID: 50710421.

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