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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 24109937, Entry date: 08/17/2009

How do you configure a connection between WinCC flexible Runtime (PC or Panel) and a SIMATIC S7-300 / S7-400 via Industrial Ethernet?

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The procedure is given in the attached PDF document with the following contents.

  1. Introduction
        1.1 When should you use an HMI station and when a PC station?
        1.2 Which Ethernet CP should you select?
  2. Connecting a panel to SIMATIC S7 via Industrial Ethernet
        2.1 Requirements
        2.2 Configuration in STEP7 and WinCC flexible
  3. Connecting a WinCC flexible Runtime to SIMATIC S7 without Station Configuration Editor
        3.1 Requirements
        3.2 Connecting an HMI station
        3.3 Connecting a PC station
  4. Connecting a WinCC flexible Runtime to SIMATIC S7 with Station Configuration Editor
        4.1 Requirements
        4.2 Connecting an HMI station
        4.3 Connecting a PC station

Attachment 1: WinCC_flexible_Kommunikation_Ethernet.pdf ( 1403 KB )