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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 24137746, Entry date: 01/10/2007

TPM traffic-light type signals not visible for HMI Adv. V7.x

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For PCU modules with installed HMI Advanced V7.xx (< V07.03.00.00), when the MCIS TPM is installed, the TPM signal to display the service states is not visible.

To solve this problem please proceed as follows:

1. Start your PCU in the Windows service mode

2. Copy the zip file attached to this document into a directory / onto a data medium that the Windows system of the PCU can access.

3. Unzip the zip file directly under the directory f:\hmi_adv\icons

For the prompt that possible existing files under f:\hmi_adv\icons will be overwritten, please acknowledge with yes - or yes all.

4. Boot your PCU normally – the traffic-light type symbol should now be displayed.

TPM-icons-ENU.zip ( 15 KB )