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How can you tell whether your S7-300/400 master supports DPV1 functions?

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Configuration Notes:

S7-400 CPUs:
With the CPUs of S7-400 you can tell what is supported by the setting on the DP interface. For the DP interface to support alarm handling, the DP mode should be set to DPV1 in the object properties of the DP interface in HW Config.

Fig. 01


S7-300 CPUs:
With an S7-300 (except CPU 318-2 DP) the DP mode of a DP interface cannot be parameterized. Here you can recognize the DP functionality from the following procedures:

Incorporating a GSD file of a DPV1 slave
With some slaves the DPV1 functionality can be parameterized in the GSD file.
As an example we have taken the GSD file si01801e.gsg for the station type ET 200M (IM 153-2) DPV1 as in Entry ID: 113498.
Here STEP 7 checks whether the parameter can be edited. If after configuration you can use this file to switch between DPV0 mode and DPV1 mode, then the master supports the DPV1 functionality.

Slot model
Take the slot model of an incorporated ET 200M HighFeature IM 153-2 (MLFB: 6ES7 153-2BA00-0XB0). Configure the DP slave from the hardware catalog folder PROFIBUS DP > ET 200M > IM 153-2.

Fig. 02


As shown in Fig. 02, you have the following properties when configuring on a DPV1 master:

  • The DPV1 slot model starts with slot 1.
  • The IM 153-2 is plugged in slot 2.
  • The first I/O module can be positioned as from slot 4.
  • An additional input address, the so-called diagnostics address, is assigned for the interface module.

If the ET 200M has been configured on a DPV0 master, the following properties are the determining factors:

  • The slot model starts only with slot 4.
  • There is no other diagnostics address available for the interface module.

A list of all the S7 masters that support DPV1 is given in Entry ID 24161884.

At the moment the external DP interface of the S7-300 CP 342-5 only supports DPV0 functions.

More information on differentiating between the DP standards for migrating from DPV0 to DPV1 are available in the guidelines in Entry ID 7027576.


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