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6RA24, DriveMonitor und 6RA24

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How can I use DriveMonitor in conjunction with the 6RA24?





DriveMonitor can also be used for exchanging data with the 6RA24. The

6RA24 device software must be >= 2.0 (see parameter P060 on the 6RA24).

Data is exchanged via the G-SST0 or G-SST1 basic unit interface by means

of the USS protocol. DriveMonitor cannot be operated on the 6RA24 via Profibus.

Connection and settings: a zero modem cable (PIN 2/3: crossed over;

PIN 5 ground) is used to connect DriveMonitor via the G-SST1 (connector X501

on the 6RA24). For the PIN assignments, see Chapter 15 of the 6RA24 operating


With the exception of the PZD quantity, the 6RA24 and DriveMonitor are set to their factory settings:

P790 = 1192; P791 = 3; P792 = 3; P793 = 6; P796 = 0; P797 = 0

  1. Start DriveMonitor via the desktop icon.

  2. Choose "File" - "New" - "Based on Factory Settings...".

  3. Choose "Unit type" - "SIMOREG 6RA24".

  4. Choose "Unit Version" - "02.3" or "02.4" (applies to 6RA24 software 2.0,
    2.1; 2.2; 2.3; 2.4; the only difference here is that parameter P095 is not
    available with software versions < 2.3).

  5. Set "Bus Address" to 0.

  6. Set "Quantity of PZD" to "3" instead of the default setting "2".

  7. Choose "OK" and confirm the prompts that follow with "OK".

  8. Choose "View" - "Online (Write EEPROM)".

  9. Due to the actions of the previous 6RA24, the error message "Device
    cannot be initialized" is displayed.

  10. Acknowledge this message. You can now use DriveMonitor "online" in
    conjunction with the 6RA24.

For more information about DriveMonitor, see the appropriate FAQ for the 6RA70.

Note: the trace function of the 6RA24 cannot be used via DriveMonitor; it can
only be used via the DOS version of SIMOVIS, which is available on the two disks
provided with the operating instructions. To run this SIMOVIS version, however,
DOS must be installed on your PC (it is not sufficient to open a DOS window in

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