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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 24200966, Entry date: 11/27/2006

How can you deactivate the Trial License when the message appears indicating that the Trial License has expired, although the Floating License has been installed?

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Once activated the Trial License is valid for limited use up to a maximum of 14 days of the SIMATIC Software for tests, for example. If after expiry of this time you install a license for unlimited use (Single, Floating or Upgrade License) and after installation you still receive the message indicating that the Trial License has expired, we recommend deleting the Trial License in the "AX NF ZZ" folder.

No. Procedure for deleting a Trial License

Open the ALM in MS Windows via

  • "Start > SIMATIC > License Management > Automation License Manager"

and mark the drive (e.g. "C") on which your licenses are installed. Displayed in the right window of the Automation License Manager is the table of the licenses installed. For viewing the licenses you need the file name (License Key) and the 20-digit license number. If these columns are not yet displayed, then via

  • "View > Define..."

you open the "Define View" dialog. In the bottom section of this dialog you select the "Columns" tab and then "License key" and "License number".

Fig. 01

Then you enter a name under "Edit view" and click the "Apply" button. Acknowledge with OK and the "License key" and "License number" columns appear in the Automation License Manager.


In the Explorer you mark the "AX NF ZZ" directory on your hard disk or on drive "C", so that the file names of the licenses are displayed in the right window of the Explorer.

If the "AX NF ZZ" directory or the files in that directory are not visible, then open the dialog "Tools > Folder options..." and select the "View" tab:

  • Here you deactivate the option "Hide protected operating files (Recommended)" and
  • Activate the option "Show hidden files and folders".

Then click on the "Apply" button and acknowledge with "OK".

Fig. 02

The "AX NF ZZ" directory is then displayed in the Explorer.

3 Now in the Automation License Manager compare the file name (License Key) of the Trial License with the file name in the "AX NF ZZ" folder. Via the view set in the Automation License Manager you determine the file name for the Trial License to be deleted (Fig. 03) that you then find in the "AX NF ZZ" folder.

Fig. 03
4 Mark the Trial License found in the "AX NF ZZ" directory and right-click. Then select "Delete" in the pop-up menu that opens. After deletion the message described above will no longer appear.