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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 24230051, Entry date: 07/15/2010

SINAMICS G: Speed control of a G120 using S7-300/400 (STEP 7 V5) with PROFIBUS and Safety Integrated (encoderless,not via PROFIsafe)

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This application only applies to SINAMICS G120 CU´s with Firmware < V4.0



The SINAMICS G120 is to be controlled from an S7-300 CPU via PROFIBUS.

The integrated safety functions of the SINAMICS G120 are to be controlled via the fail-safe digital inputs of the SINAMICS G120.



In this function example, the control of a SINAMICS G120 (control word and frequency setpoint) will be demonstrated using an S7-300 CPU and a specific program example.

This program example comprises an S7 program to control the SINAMICS G120 and the appropriate configuration in the SINAMICS G120.





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Documentation (english)

SD_FE_I_002_V20_EN.pdf ( 769 KB )

STEP 7 project SD_FE_I_002_V20.zip ( 906 KB )
Safety Evaluation Tool Project IEC
SD_FE_I_002_V20_EN_IEC.zip ( 4 KB )
Safety Evaluation Tool Project ISO SD_FE_I_002_V20_EN_ISO.zip ( 4 KB )
Link to Safety Evaluation Tool





11/2006 First edition (V1.0)
06/2010 Revised edition (V2.0)
General reworking of the document
Changeover to firmware V3.2
Expanded functionality for evaluation according to IEC 62061


Keywords: SINAMICS G120, CU240S DP-F, motioncontrol_apc_applications


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