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How do you simulate the system keyboard via K or F-keys?

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The system keyboard can be simulated using the SimulateSystemKey function from WinCC flexible 2005. The function is particularly useful if the operator panel does not possess a separate number block or if, for example, you use an OP177B with a touch/button combination.

By "simulating" the system keyboard, the operator, on the OP 177B for example, does not necessarily have to use the touch screen (if his hands are dirty) to set or enter values on the panel.

In this example, the "number block" was configured to the following function keys in the "Template" screen on an OP 177B (see Fig. 01).

Fig. 01

In the relevant screens you can then choose whether to use the keys, which have been configured in the "Template" screen", "locally" ("Use global assignment").

Fig. 02

No. Procedure

Click the function key to which you wish to assign the "SimulateSystemKey" function and open the key properties.


You can find the "SimulateSystemKey" function in the "Keyboard" system function.

3 The system key which is being simulated can be selected under the "system key" parameter.

Fig. 03
4 Runtime control:
With reference to the attached sample program, you can use the "TAB button" (K2) to switch to the individual "I/O fields".
Click "Enter" (K10) to apply the values which have been input.

All the available "functions" are listed in the file below.

Attachment 1: SystemKeys.pdf ( 10 KB )  

The attached download contains the archived WinCC flexible 2005 project with the functions described above.

Attachment 1: SimulateSystemKey.zip ( 1745 KB )

Runnability and test environment:
The example can be used on all the CPU types of SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400 and WinAC.
The following table lists the components that have been used to create this entry and verify the functions described.

Component Product and version designation
PC operating system Microsoft Windows XP SP2
Standard tools -
Engineering tools -
HMI software WinCC flexible 2005 SP1
HMI devices OP 177B
Controllers -
Table 1: Creation environment of the download attached

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