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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 24272005, Entry date: 01/31/2007

OPC DA Client for simple plant visualization via Standard Web Browser

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Process visualization is one of the most important tasks in automation systems. Cost-efficient, simple and remote are the predominant factors here. The main objective of this tool is to fulfill these requirements on process visualization.
This entry illustrates a simple way of visualizing S7 variables on a web browser using the example of a weather station. For the solution of this task, the OPC server of SIMATIC NET is used.

This entry contains an OPC HTML Generator, which depicts the OPC variables on an HTML page and updates them cyclically. The desired variables are configured on the user interface, a respective dummy is defined and a template generated. This template serves as a templated for the HTML page.

For the settings of the template there are two options

  • Automatic generation by the OPC HTML Generator
  • Programming according to own requirements.

Example user interface on the web browser

The following figure shows the example configuration with background image. The template was programmed according to own requirements.

Hardware setup

The image below illustrates a possible HW configuration where the OPC HTML Generator can be used.

The zip-file in the download section contains

  • a complete STEP 7 project for S7-300/400

  • the OPC HTML Generator including all resources

  • the example project with configuration file and css file


Download contents


Documentation (German) 
OPC DA Client for simple plant visualization via Standard Web Browser
24272005_OPC_HTML_GEN_DOKU_V10_d.pdf ( 564 KB )
Documentation (English) 
OPC DA Client for simple plant visualization via Standard Web Browser
24272005_OPC_HTML_GEN_DOKU_V10_e.pdf ( 522 KB )
OPC HTML Generator, STEP 7 project, example configuration
OPC_HTML_GEN_CODE_v10.zip ( 4394 KB )




01/2007 First edition


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