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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 24299537, Entry date: 12/27/2006

What should you watch out for in particular when implementing the Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW) with the SIMATIC NET CD Edition 2006?

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Configuration Notes:
With the new SIMATIC NET CD Edition 2006 you get a new version of the Custom interface for .NET (Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW), OPCRcw.Da, OPCRcw.Comn) from the OPC Foundation. If you haven't used a local copy of the previous .NET-RCWs in your application, you must recompile your program to be able to use it with the SIMATIC NET CD Edition 2006.

In the manual entitled "Industrial Communication with PG/PC" in Entry ID 2044387, the Runtime Callable Wrapper is described in section 3.1.5.