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EPLAN V5.7-, ELCAD V7.3.1- and .dxf-macros for SINAMICS and MICROMASTER

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DESCRIPTION For support of your CAE-Tool macros of SINAMICS G110, G120, G120D and MICROMASTER 410, 420, 430 and 440 are provided here.

The information provided in this documentation contains descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products.
The mentioned characteristics of performance for selected products and applications respectively are exemplary or characterize technical options.
General terms of use are essential.

Macros for EPLAN P8

The ZIP-File contains a macro project as well as article- and picture data for EPLAN Version P8 Download the ZIP-File, unpack and build the macros within EPLAN.

A manual contains the .zw1 file.

 siemens-fc-eplan-p8-macros-v1-4.zip ( 46248 KB )


Macros for EPLAN 5.7

Download the ZIP file, unpack it and then start the program SETUP.EXE.

The Readme file contains important informations about the use of the tool.

 siemens-fc-eplan-5-70-macros-v1-2.zip ( 10614 KB )

Project as .pdf

 siemens_fc_eplan_makros_pdf_v1_4.zip ( 9305 KB )


Symbols for ELCAD V7.3.1


 SIEMENS_FU_MM4_SINAMICS_EN V1.0.zip ( 1670 KB )


 SIEMENS_FU_MM4_SINAMICS_DE V1.0.zip ( 1647 KB )


Macros as .dxf

 sinamics-dxf-makros-v1-4.zip ( 31444 KB )