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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 24360717, Entry date: 12/21/2006

Version 7.0 of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System Released for Delivery

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SIMATIC PCS 7, the high-performance process control system for all industries, has developed into one of the internationally leading process control systems. This is impressively substantiated by more than 4 500 successfully implemented projects throughout the world. A multitude of new features and improvements of the SIMATIC PCS 7 version 7.0 will enable you to run your plants even more effectively over the complete lifecycle. In doing so you will benefit from the future-proof state-of-the-art technology, high performance and availability of SIMATIC PCS 7.

1 Product features - news 

The new version 7.0 of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system makes working with the system even more easy and intuitive. A large number of individual measures have further improved the ease of use and user friendliness of SIMATIC PCS 7. One measure for the success of the various improvements is the significant reduction in engineering work. In the case of small changes, a time saving of up to 25% can now be achieved.

In addition to many improvement details at all levels, the following highlights are particularly noteworthy:



Improved system support for the fulfilment of FDA requirements by:


Integration of SIMATIC Logon for user administration and access control


Additional recording options for modification logs in the modification logbook (online changes and engineering access)

Convenient and clear version comparison of any archived single or multi projects using the Version Cross Manager


Comparison of hardware configuration, communication, technological hierarchy, software block types, CFC/SFC, SFC details, global variables


Intelligent alarm management unloads the operating staff


Masking out of messages (visual and acoustical) which are not essential for the safe and trouble-free operation of the plant: manual or dynamic (Smart-Alarm-Hiding)


Logging of all messages

More effective archiving with the central archive server (CAS)


Long-term archiving and management of process values, messages and reports of up to 11 servers/server pairs


Process values and messages from the CAS can be displayed on the OS Client; alternatively the StoragePlus Viewer of the CAS can be used to display these data


All data can be exported to standard memory media or burned manually on DVD

OPC-based OpenPCS 7 system interface for process data evaluation and management


Higher level systems for production planning and process data evaluation and management can access process data via a OpenPCS 7 server


OPC Data Access for reading and writing access to current process values


OPC Historical Data Access for reading access to archived process data


OPC Alarm & Events for reading access to current alarms and messages


Higher performance standard CPUs with working memory increased by a factor of 1.5 (AS 417) or 2 (AS 414/AS 416) and 25% to 40% lower processing times

Introduction of two new automation systems: AS 414-3IE and AS 416-3IE with integral Industrial Ethernet interface

Fieldbus / process I/Os

PROFIBUS PA architectures with high availability: Ring architecture and line architecture with coupler redundancy

FOUNDATION Fieldbus integration

Expansion of the range of ET 200iSP modules


3 new digital output modules with external actuator disconnection via low signal, incl. wire-break monitor (L switching)


Power supply of the external actuator disconnection via a new watchdog module with failure monitor


Better integration and collaboration of SIMATIC BATCH and SIMATIC Route Control

Batch: Formula editor to enter formulas at the step-enabling points of a sequencer (phase parameters, transitions)

Batch: System-supported versioning of recipes, formulas and library objects

RC: Central Route Control engineering in SIMATIC Manager

RC: Generic user elements permit the creation of complex user objects or own software blocks, that can be handled like standard RC elements

Asset Management

The plant-related asset management now also includes non-intelligent assets, such as pumps, motors, centrifuges or heat exchangers.

New programmable "AssetMon" logic block can be used to determine unacceptable operating conditions from various measured values (up to 3 analog and 16 binary values) and display them as maintenance alarms on the Maintenance Station

Modification logbook to record, display and log any configuration and parameter changes of EDD-based devices

Enhanced documentation management provides support for maintenance measures by making up to 10 different types of documents available (e.g. DOC, PDF, MPG or AVI) for each EDD-based device and display via the Maintenance Station

Industrial Security

Comprehensive security concept with guidelines and recommendations as documented in the user manual "Security Concept SIMATIC PCS 7, Recommendations and Notes"  (an updated version will be published in April 2007) and available under entry ID 22229786

Simatic Security Control (SSC): security-relevant parameter are automatically set by DCOM, registry and Windows XP Firewall during setup

Release of the latest virus scanner versions of TREND MICRO OfficeScan, Symantec Norton AntiVirus and McAfee Virusscan

Release of the Windows Firewall

Release of the SCALANCE S602, SCALANCE S612, SCALANCE S613 and SOFTNET Security Client Edition 2006 security components of SIMATIC NET

2. SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.0 licensing model 

With the introduction of SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.0, the licensing of ES, OS and AS has also been changed. The aim of the new licensing for ES, OS and AS is:

Simplification and price reduction for the engineering, and

Harmonization of the invoicing unit

The invoicing unit now used for OS (previously variables) and AS (previously unit paper license) will be the process object (PO), as already used with ES, i.e. all blocks for operator input and control. The prices will in future mainly be based on the process objects of the AS and OS runtime systems. In principle, there are no more quantity restrictions with pure engineering.

OS licensing changes

Instead of variables, process objects will now be counted and invoiced with the OS. In addition, the sum of variables used by the POs will be checked, whereby on the average up to 50 variables are permitted per PO. All variables not associated with blocks for operator input and control, e.g. manual variables or external variables created by the system, will be converted to process objects with a divisor of 25 variables/PO.

AS licensing changes

A volume-dependent AS runtime license has been newly introduced. As is the case with the OS, each block for operator input and control (process object) running on an AS will be counted and invoiced. One PO will be counted for one SFC.
In view of the fact that the AS at present cannot store and check any licenses, license administration will be done by the ES, which will calculate the no. of process objects used upon downloading. The AS runtime license is designed as “Count Relevant License“, i.e. it can be expanded as required with staged licenses for 100, 1 000 or 10 000 POs. Additional process objects are simply added to existing ones.
In order to ensure a smooth introduction of the new AS runtime licenses, license checks on the system side will be discontinued for a limited transition period. In preparation for the activation of license checks we recommend that you keep licenses with a sufficient no. of process objects on the engineering station, which is normally used for loading of the automation systems.
Existing AS runtime license documents (e.g. "SIMATIC PCS 7, SOFTWARE RUNTIME LICENSE LIBRARY BLOCKS") can be converted to new AS runtime licenses (100 POs) within one year. Detailed information on this topic will be published soon.

ES licensing changes

Depending on its application, an engineering station is either configurable as combined ES/OS station for small applications, or as classical engineering station not suitable as operator system for productive operation.

Classical engineering station with an unlimited no. of process objects (PO unlimited) in three versions:


 AS/OS: for AS and OS Engineering


 OS: only for OS Engineering


 AS: only for AS Engineering


With the OS and AS/OS versions the OS configuration can be checked in an OS test mode limited to 2 hours. This OS test mode is not suitable for productive operation. When the two hours have elapsed, the ES will automatically switch to demo mode. The AS/OS versions is particularly attractive, due to the inclusion of an AS runtime license for 600 POs. 
Note: If the ES is also used for WinCC projects (SCADA engineering), variables will be counted as before. For such projects the ES must be additionally licensed with variables. These are subject to volume restrictions, as before.

Combined ES/OS station for small applications

In order to support compact process control systems, we are offering three additional ES/OS combinations with 250, 1 000 and 2 000 POs with volume restrictions. These "All-in-one Licenses" contain runtime licenses for AS and OS in suitable volume, in addition to the engineering licenses. PowerPacks from 250 to 1 000 POs, from 1 000 to 2 000 POs and from 2 000 POs to PO unlimited enable further volume expansion.

3 Ordering data (as per sales release)

3.1 Ordering data

LF_PCS7_V70_Bestelldaten_de.pdf ( 177 KB )   (German)

LF_PCS7_V70_Ordering data_en.pdf ( 172 KB )    (English)

4 Customer Support

Siemens can provide Service & Support in every phase of a project: From the planning stage to commissioning, right up to maintenance and modernization.

You can get an overview of the services from the Internet under: http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_en_WW/service.


You can request support from our Technical Support (Hotline) of Automation and Drives for SIMATIC PCS 7 via the Support Request Procedure: http://www.siemens.com/automation/csi_en_WW/support_request.


Security information
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