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How do you adapt tag names to the name structure of WinCC flexible after a ProTool migration?

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Unlike ProTool, WinCC flexible provides structure tag names.
If you have integrated the WinCC flexible project in STEP 7 and are working with the symbolic connection, then the tag name in WinCC flexible is structured as follows in the "Name" column.

<DB Name>.<Symbol Name>

Fig. 01


After migration of a ProTool project to WinCC flexible only the symbol name of the tag is entered in the "Name" tag field.

Changing a name connection:
If after migration of a ProTool project you wish change the name connection to the new WinCC flexible standard, then please proceed as follows.

No. Procedure
1 Change a name connection:
Mark the first item in the "Symbol" column with a double-click and delete the item. Alternatively you can also use the "Backspace".
Then the text <Undefined> is displayed in the "Symbol" field. 

Using the "Generate Mass Data" function, select and drag field, you can edit all the following entries in the "Symbol" column.

Fig. 02

2 Connect new tag:
Mark all the tags and via "Options > Reconnect..." you call the function "Reconnect...". A pop-up menu opens. Here you select the functions as shown in Fig. 03 and acknowledge with "OK". The function is then executed.

Fig. 03


After the function has been executed the "Name" shows the new tag names changed to the WinCC flexible standard.

There must be a connection configured for the function to be executed properly.

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