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MICROMASTER 440 (MM4): What are the differences in the control of the output relay (option, motor holding brake) of the MM440 with FW2.09 to FW2.10?

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Both for MM440 with FW2.09 as well as also for MM440 with FW2.10, when the motor holding brake is activated (P1215), the setpoint is enabled with the time that is set in parameter P1216.
The main difference between the two firmware versions is the fact that the bit to control the brake (r0052.C)is set when the MM440 boots, with:
FW2.09 after the time in P1216 has expired,
FW2.10 when Fmin in P1080 is reached.

These differences have different effects on the overall behavior of the drive and are described in more detail in the attached file.

PDF_diff_MM4_209_210_MBH_en_V1.pdf ( 251 KB )

Written by: SD CST