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Tips and tricks for the topic of user administration

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  1. If an ADMIN has been put in the "Unauthorized" group, how do you reassign it to a group?
    If the ADMIN has been put in the "Unauthorized" group, you can only undo this by importing the password list via the function "Export/ Import User Administration".


    You have already exported and backed up a user administration.
    Using the ProSave software you can implement "Restore" to transfer/import a "Password File" backed up with "Backup" back to the panel.
  2. How can you back up a user administration and passwords?
    Using the "Export/Import User Administration" function you can import/export a user administration. Furthermore, you can use ProSave to backup/restore your user administration/passwords.
  3. How do you create a user administration?
    In "WinCC flexible Getting Started Power User" are instructions for configuring a user administration - Entry ID 18656980.
    Furthermore, there is also a great deal of information on this topic in the Online Help of WinCC flexible.
  4. How can you configure a "protected" user screen without using the user administration?
    In this respect also refer to Entry ID 24182683.
  5. Why is the message "You have a insufficient authorization" always displayed?
    Although you are sure that you have entered the correct password, you get the message "You have a insufficient authorization" displayed on the operator panel. In this case you should check your system messages. If you see the following message (Fig. 01), your "User Name" and the associated password has been wrongly entered three times in succession. 

    Fig. 01

    After three unsuccessful attempts in succession to enter the password (FDA regulation) the user concerned is assigned to the "Unauthorized" group. Reassignment to a group can only be done by a user with ADMIN rights.

    A screen with a user display has been configured.
    Using the user display a user with ADMIN rights can reassign the user concerned to the relevant group.
  6. What times can you preset for the "Logoff time"?
    Under the "Runtime user administration" setting you can configure the logoff time for the users. The presetting is 5 minutes. This means that if the logged off user does not use Runtime for 5 minutes, that user is logged off for safety reasons (max. 60 minutes). If the user is to work without any time restrictions, then you must set a logoff time of 0 minutes at this point. However, for safety reasons you should set a time of between 1 and 60 minutes.
  7. What settings are to be made so that the "User Name" no longer appears in the "Logon Dialog" after logoff?
    You can implement this function using a script. An example of this is available in Entry ID 24141925.
  8. What are the limits for user/password entries?

User name:
The user name can have a length of 1 to 40 characters.

The password must consist of at least 3 characters and a maximum of 24 characters.

Passwords, Administrator

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