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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 24467141, Entry date: 01/18/2007

S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 + SP2 has been recalled

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ServicePack 2 for S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 has been recalled. For this reason the download for S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 + SP 2 has been removed from the Internet.


If in an F program that has been compiled with S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 SP2, a channel-specific QBAD_I_xx signal or QBAD_O_xx signal from an F I/O DB is interconnected further, a data corruption will be identified and the CPU switched to STOP mode. This behavior only occurs with Distributed Safety V5.4 SP2.

A correction will be made in the SP3 for S7 Distributed Safety V5.4. It is expected to be available by end of January 2007. The announcement will be made via a separate SIMATIC update.


The SP2 for S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 was only available for downloading from the Internet. The product CDs still only include S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 + SP1.

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